Good Things Come to Those Who Journal

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What is Journaling?

If you ask 100 people to define journaling, you're likely to get 100 different answers. It's the kind of thing we all think we know what it is, but we are, all of us, way too limited in our definition.And it's our definition of what journaling is and our expectations of what it "should" be that can stand in the way of creating a practice that meets our needs.Let's bust some myths:

  • Journaling is not just for girls.

  • It doesn't have to be all about feelings. (Though it can be if that's what you want!)

  • Journaling doesn't have to feel like keeping a diary.

  • There's no one right way to journal.

  • Journaling doesn't have to look the same every day.

  • The way you journal doesn't have to look like how anyone else journals.

So how DO I define journaling?Great question!Journaling is the act of showing up for yourself, of taking the time to put your thoughts on the page.Whether you're using journaling to find clarity around a problem you're having, to set intentions for how and where you want to show up, or to increase your productivity at work, journaling provides an opportunity for you to find the answers.And whether you call it journaling or you call it something else - planning your day, making notes, doing Morning Pages, brain dumping, keeping a log or simply writing - making time for journaling can be the best thing you do for yourself each day.

Why Journaling?

You've probably heard that journaling is helpful. But how helpful? And exactly what can journaling do?Journaling is a simple, effective, and versatile tool that can help in every area of our lives. With journaling we can:

Reduce our stress and anxiety
Better understand what we think and how we feel
Find clarity and direction
Track our progress toward our goals
Boost our creativity
Improve our communication skills
Increase our gratitude
Synthesize what we're learning
Sharpen our memory
Record the moments and the stories that we want to remember or share with others
And so, so much more!

About Me

Hi, I'm Amanda! I've been journaling for 30+ years, ever since I discovered it when I was an angsty teenager having a bad day. None of my friends were available to come to the phone, so I picked up a notebook and pencil and started to write. I wrote for a really long time, and when I was done, I felt better. So I came back to it again the next day and the next.I found journaling especially valuable when I was faced with a divorce I didn't want and didn't see coming. I used my journal to take stock of my life - who I was, how I had gotten where I was, who and where I wanted to be, how I was going to get there. With the help of my journal, not only did I survive my divorce, I thrived!From there, I kept discovering new ways to journal, each one benefitting me in a new way.Getting to help others catch the magic of journaling is the best gift! With each person who starts journaling, the world becomes a better place!

How I Can Help

My mission is to help you use journaling to find the pieces of you that you’ve been missing, to find joy, and learn to love yourself more fully. To find the best ways for you to journal. To help you understand how you can journal your way to a life you don’t want a vacation from.I can help you through:

  • 1:1 Coaching - Starting with your goals, we'll create a journaling practice that's just right for you!

  • Group Journaling - Join with other thoughtful individuals for a mix of self-exploration and learning with others.

  • Journaling Workshops - Instructional and facilitated journaling workshops for your organizations and teams.


"Amanda has brought so much skill as a facilitator and insight regarding the emotional barriers people have to journaling. Self reflection is so vital to developing emotional intelligence, resilience and wellbeing in healthcare and Amanda has provided the expertise and compassion to help build EQ in frontline caregivers. Amanda understands emotional resistance, negative self-talk, and all the excuses people make when they can't find the courage to deeply self examine. She gently guides them passed all the noise and helps them settle in. So grateful to LinkedIn for bringing us together."
- Jeannine A.

"Amanda’s energy is contagious!She helped me to really maximize the potential in my Journaling, turning it from a random exercise that I knew made me feel good but was sporadic and not very intentional to a practice that benefits my health, my family life and relationships, my business and my hobbies and me-time.Honestly, working with Amanda is life changing, she creates magic from Journaling and is a warm and nourishing person to spend time with."
- Pippa H.

Let's be Friends!

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